Our goal is to provide a regular venue for our BIM community. Albeit users, project managers, owners or technicians from all works of life to come together and through the group, further their skills, knowledge and passion for BIM. The bi monthly sessions are here for you to share, reach out and communicate your issues or findings within the industry today. This is a community for the BIM enthusiast of ALL levels and participation is not compulsory, we want you to feel no pressure, so come and simply observe if you wish.

Meeting Format

Each session topic is predefined based on the previous session or by a submittal from our attendees. Topic categories include; a case study or a particular hot topic, white paper, or to discuss a new industry document.

Each session begins with a summary of the subject to be discussed which brings the subject to the table – an opening statement of approx. 5 minutes. We then spend the next 1.5 hours having an open discussion to try to pin point the fine tuning of our subject matter, minutes are taken.

Refreshments are usually a selection of freshly made Sandwiches, followed by a selection of desserts and soft drinks.

Edmonton Building Information Modelling Community