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2014.11.13 – Nathan Morgan of PCL and Open Forum Discussion of CanBIM

Nathan Morgan of PCL Construction Management will be speaking about how PCL is using 3D modeling to review and coordinate the steel fabrication shop drawings with the structural consultant design and the in house construction model on the Edmonton Arena Project.

After 2 years we have great news from CanBIM while yes herding cats requires time,  they have released the Canadian AEC (Can) BIM Protocol at the joint aceBIM and CanBIM, BIM Super Session #EDMBIM14 in October.

Let’s get together and via an Open Forum to discuss this standard at our meeting Thursday November 13th, from 6 to 8 pm at PCL and as a group and adopt portions for our local firms here in Edmonton, a joint team effort of our own to work together as one group.

Here are links to the documents:

AEC(CAN) BIM Protocol v2 

AEC(CAN) BIM Protocol for Revit

Thanks to Arrow Engineering for sponsoring the event and PCL for providing the venue.

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2014.10.01 – aceBIM CanBIM BIM Super Session #EDMBIM14

BIM Super Session in Edmonton

October 1st and 2nd, 2014 at Matrix Hotel

Event Description

Canada BIM Council and aceBIM are partnering for a BIM Super Session; bringing the many BIM communities and practicing professionals together to develop inroads to collaboration and communication in BIM’s evolving landscape.

As technology, best practices and the industry’s aptitude advance, how will BIM shape the AECOO industries over the next decade? The CanBIM-aceBIM Super Session will examine current and future BIM trends with a focus on Facilities management, Collaboration, Procurement and More!

eBIMc was proud to be a presenting partner at this event, we hosted a breakout session where we presented “A Compilation of Our Meetings”, which is attached below.

2014.10.01 eBIMc – EDMBIM14

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2014.09.04 – September 4th – Tourist Fly Over of RTC

Mirra Maheden of SMP, Dan Doherty of Clark Builders and Brittany Mendiuk of Priority are going to share a “Tourist Fly Over of the Chicago RTC” event, with some of the highlights of the sessions they attended in June.
If you have ever wanted to attend the Revit Training Conference (RTC) and could not or are just interested at what is presented at this technology conference feel free to attend.   Get pointers to the open content on the net and what to will be released on AUGI next year.

Thanks for Clark Builders for sponsoring and providing the venue.


2014.05.15 – May 15th – eBIMc AEC Open Forum – Dan Doherty

This open discussion is for those of us in the industry that wish to nail down some of our wish list / needs, working towards a common Edmonton standard. We have all been or support someone who has been working with Revit for a while now, and we are all seeing some of the same common themes / workflow work arounds, in our own company / project silo’s.   Which has prompted small group discussions amongst some of us and/or conversations at work about what we feel should happen to resolve these ongoing issues.   This is our chance to speak up and talk to one another and help each other build a better models with speed and efficiency. Resulting in smarter buildings.

Please come and add your voice and experience.

Thanks to Site Bim for sponsoring the event and NAIT for providing the venue.


2012.11.15 – Edmonton LRT SE to W Case Study Beyond Buildings – Justin James

While much of the focus on BIM use has been on modeling buildings, other uses for BIM are gaining momentum. In this session, our speaker will share how BIM is being effectively used in the Southeast to West LRT project in Edmonton. Some of the questions they will address include:

• How can BIM assist in design of Transit or Transportation projects?

• Is it a worthwhile investment?

• How does it help the design team?

• How will it help the client?