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National Insitute of Building Sciences (NIBS) – What is COBie


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Construction Dive – ISO publishes first international BIM standard


BIMForum 2019 version of the LOD Specification.

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The BIMForum has released the 2019 version of the LOD Specification for public comment.

To accomplish the document’s intent, its primary objectives are:

  • To help teams, including owners, to specify BIM deliverables and to get a clear picture of what will be included in a BIM deliverable
  • To help design managers explain to their teams the information and detail that needs to be provided at various points in the design process
  • To provide a standard that can be referenced by contracts and BIM execution plans.

It should be noted that this Specification does not replace a project BIM Execution Plan (BIMXP), but rather is intended to be used in conjunction with such a plan, providing a means of defining models for specific information exchanges, milestones in a design work plan, and deliverables for specific functions.


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