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2017.02.13 – DoE – Dynamo with John Pierson

 DoE – Dynamaniacs of Edmonton

We will have a one on one (room full) Skype call with John Pierson @60secondrevit  whom runs the sixtysecondrevit Blog, as well as being the creator of the Dynamo Package “Rhythm”, and if that was not enough he also has an online Dynamo course with Plurasight – An Introduction to Dynamo for Daily Use Within Revit. And just for good measure, he was the winner of the first ever Dynamo Design Slam at AU 2016 in Vegas this year.

So come out and join us in learning about a general overview of what Dynamo is and then John will show us

  • Where Dynamo is now,
  • The latest and greatest
  • Dynamo Player
  • Key Dynamo packages
  • An example workflow
  • and more

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2016.11.10 – eBIMc – Leveraging BIM: Saving time and reducing waste through process improvement – Scott Cameron & Ron Heigh of Supreme Group

Scott Cameron & Ron Heigh of Supreme Group.

BIM has become a common term in the design and construction industry but very few are talking about scalability, layers of integration and proper data transfer protocol.

In this presentation we will:

  • Demonstrate how Supreme Steel utilizes BIM technology to support process optimization within our organization; across various functional areas, estimating, scope coordination, fabrication planning, and field services.
  • Clarify some of the confusion that exists between Small BIM, Large BIM, and Integrated BIM using past project examples.
  • Demonstrate how Supreme Steel uses Tekla Structures to leverage BIM technology toward achieving mutual benefit for our own company and for our clients with the help of Canadian Towing.

The presentation will include past project images and captures, industry video snippets and a number of live working demonstrations.

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2016.09.15 – eBIMc – Revizto by Martin Neault of Dialog

Martin Neault  from Dialog follows up with REVIZTO™, Latin for “visual check”, is a suite of 3D applications that turns your BIM models into navigable 3D environments, in which you can easily collaborate in a cloud-based workspace ($) with your project team – architects, engineers, contractors and owners in real time on any device. Revizto processes Autodesk® Revit®, AutoCAD® and Navisworks® projects and also SketchUp, IFC and FBX files creating data-rich 3D scenes, complete with lighting, materials and family metadata.

Revizto offers sharing and collaboration tools, so anyone you invite ($) can view your project using the free Revizto Viewer. This application provides the effective communication tools, such as issue tracker and camera sharing. Supporting your ideas with screenshots and walk-through tours, you can reduce mistakes and misunderstanding within the project team.

With Revizto, export and share your BIM model with project stakeholders, explore and present on any device your model as a navigable 3D that anyone can walk through, and collaborate with your project team in real time by identifying, tracking, and solving problems throughout all phases of the project.  You can also tune your model by editing lighting and materials to enhance visual appearance.

If you are interested about 3D visual coordination and tracking design, modeling and clash issues in a cloud-based collaborative environment, and more, this live presentation will offer you a new alternative to improve the quality of your BIM project.

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2016.01.14 – Bring your own App “Pot Luck”

 Autodesk App Store

There are approximately 1787 add-in available in the app store to download.

The top one that saves users the most time (and it is FREE)


The COINS Auto-Section Box tool gives you tremendous speed and agility over managing three-dimensional views when analyzing model areas of particular interest. It allows you to quickly create temporary and permanent views to be used for immediate interrogation of the model or for construction document deliverables. This works by allowing you to focus on the model instead of managing views or a view’s properties.

2014.09.04 – September 4th – Tourist Fly Over of RTC

Mirra Maheden of SMP, Dan Doherty of Clark Builders and Brittany Mendiuk of Priority are going to share a “Tourist Fly Over of the Chicago RTC” event, with some of the highlights of the sessions they attended in June.
If you have ever wanted to attend the Revit Training Conference (RTC) and could not or are just interested at what is presented at this technology conference feel free to attend.   Get pointers to the open content on the net and what to will be released on AUGI next year.

Thanks for Clark Builders for sponsoring and providing the venue.


2014.01.09 – January 9th – BIM in the Field – Reed Munro

This presentation / discussion will show how to capture point cloud data and processing of all the data to help facilitate the creation of a 3d model within Revit.

•Scan current room and show results the via Trimble TX5 scanner
•Talk about hardware and software required
•Discuss scanning methodologies
•Exported file types
•Modeling from the point cloud
•Importing into Revit


2013.11.14 – November 14th – Edmonton BIM Community – Carl Storms


November 14th – 6-8pm

Take Your Model Out of the Office and Into the Field!

This session will look at how to leverage the power of BIM in the field with the help from some of the latest cloud-based software.

Today’s more information-rich models provide an opportunity for architects, engineers, construction firms and owners to solve issues before they are built. But you don’t necessarily need to be a BIM expert, or be running full BIM projects to have effective clash detection or issue resolution and tracking in the field.

Attendees will learn about the latest technology from Autodesk that allows construction managers, field personnel, architects and owners to run effective clash detection online as well as create and manage tasks, checklists and issues.

Don’t let the name fool you Autodesk BIM 360 Field and Glue offer valuable tools for construction firms whether or not your project is model-based.

Some more points covered during the seminar:

  • Best practices for gathering data to run effective clash detection meetings.
  • Task management reports available from Autodesk BIM 360 Field
  • Collaboration tips for working with the contractor, architects, engineers and owners.


2013.05.19 – May 19th – 3D Energy – Jean Carriere, Michelle Ovelson


Autodesk 2014 – What’s New – Revit; Navisworks; Autodesk 360

Autodesk ReCap Studio/Photo – Point Clouds to the Next Level

3D Energy Ltd – Maximizing ROI in a Virtual Environment

6:00pm Maximizing ROI in a Virtual Environment

Maximizing a building’s return on investment (ROI) requires energy and cost optimization. The presentation will explore energy modeling, modularization and life-cycle costing early in the design. These strategies can provide efficiencies within the virtual design and construction process to generate project savings – and how those savings can be reinvested to deliver reduced life-cycle costs. The session will also touch on the role of Building Information Modeling (BIM), focusing on its advantages to deliver into lifecycle management software solutions.

construction costs

Jean Carriere is the Founder and Senior Energy Modeling Specialist for 3D Energy, based in Edmonton. For the past six years he has been pushing the boundaries of virtual design and construction and continues to explore new capabilities by integrating energy modeling in the design process. His background is in architectural technology and project management, he is now a Building Design Engineer focusing on energy optimization using a virtual environment. Jean’s portfolio includes energy modeling work for daylight and lighting analysis, natural ventilation simulations, and life-cycle cost profiles for energy conservation strategies.


7:00pm Autodesk 2014 – What’s New – Revit; Navisworks; Autodesk 360

There are plenty of valuable enhancements in the 2014 release. Michelle from Summit will demonstrate the most powerful improvements to the Revit 2014 platform. In addition a quick overview of the new features in Navisworks 2014 and Autodesk 360 services will be presented.


7:30pm Autodesk ReCap Studio/Photo – Point Clouds to the Next Level

Michelle from Summit will present the latest and most promising free product included in all the Design Suites and available for free download: Autodesk ReCap Studio. Autodesk ReCap Studio allows viewing, editing and manipulation of extremely large point cloud data files and provides a quick and effective file format that can be used in Autodesk products. ReCap Photo is a web-based service that helps generate point clouds from photographs, unleashing new workflows.

Point Cloud

7:45pm Open Discussion and Refreshments

Open session where users are encouraged to discuss technical issues and best practices when using Revit, Navisworks, and related Autodesk toolsets. Bring a question, start a discussion and the group will weigh in!