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2013.01.10 – January 10th The Future of BIM in Alberta – Klaas Rodenburg


Today’s building industry is extremely fragmented and unproductive. This presentation will explore how BIM-enabled technologies offer companies a tool for collaboration that will result in buildings being delivered faster, smarter and greener. BIM is both a noun, the digital model and a verb, the processes used to add value. To be successful organizations must create a culture capable of leveraging the benefits provided by the rapidly emerging technologies.

The Alberta Centre of Excellence for Building Information Modelling (aceBIM) is a virtual centre dedicated to improving the productivity of Alberta’s building industry by lowering or eliminating the barriers to BIM adoption. We invite attendees to join aceBIM on our journey into the future as we explore emerging BIM topics such as IDP, Analytics, Crash Test Dummy, Research, Off-site and Modular construction, Safety, Education and capacity building, Costing, Electronic bidding, Green BIM, etc.

2012.11.15 – Edmonton LRT SE to W Case Study Beyond Buildings – Justin James

While much of the focus on BIM use has been on modeling buildings, other uses for BIM are gaining momentum. In this session, our speaker will share how BIM is being effectively used in the Southeast to West LRT project in Edmonton. Some of the questions they will address include:

• How can BIM assist in design of Transit or Transportation projects?

• Is it a worthwhile investment?

• How does it help the design team?

• How will it help the client?