Mirra Maheden, Our Chair, and Founder, started eBIMc in March 2012. With a firm grasp on BIM in the project environment from day to day struggles of co-ordinating with disciplines, Mirra can use the real-life experience to speak of her enthusiasm to the use of BIM and raise many questions begging answers in today’s workflows, who better to start eBIMc.

Carl Storms – “The BIMsider” and Technical Solutions Lead for BIM Track The Executive Director of DoE and eBIMc drawing on his 20+ years of experience in architecture, engineering, and construction, Carl shares a practical and well-rounded understanding of BIM with clients. He has worked in residential and commercial architecture, as well as construction, with 10 years of teaching experience at both the collegiate and industry level. This experience aids him in providing the business case for BIM and how it makes the most of collaboration, coordination, design tools, and processes.

Through implementations, instruction, mentoring, webinars, and global speaking engagements, Carl assists the AECO community with the adoption of design technology and BIM processes. As someone who truly enjoys the process of building information modeling, Carl spreads his love of all things BIM via Twitter @theBIMsider, on his Blog, or as a co-host on AECO Industry Podcasts: BIMThoughts, The BILT Academy Podcast, The Simply Complex Podcast, and BluePrints.

Beda Barkokebas – PhD Student & Research Assistant at UofA, DoC, Generative Design Director

Ron Heigh – Virtual Design & Construction Manager at BuildingPoint Canada

Ron Our Technical Director who brings a broad range of experience with Virtual Construction that is frequently leveraged within the community.  As an expert in his field he is called for his practical advice on how to utilize virtual construction to its optimum potential.

Melonie Beskowiney – BIM Specialist at Next Architecture The  Technical Director of our group.

Candace Kaminski – Director of  Operations Our Director of Operations brings a wealth of experience in supporting and assisting us on the operations side of eBIMc as one of our Directors.

Kevin Boyer – Manager of Operations/Projects at Site BIM 0459f0cOur Marketing and Social Media Manager has extensive knowledge in digital marketing. Since graduating from the UofA he has made a move into the laser scanning industry. His experience in BIM is specializing in the translation of point clouds into ‘as-builts’.

Vincent Plourd – VDC Manager at Chandos, Director assisting the planning of our events.

Megan Brooks – Design Technology Specialist at Dialog,  Social Event Director facilitates the event planning of our team.

Hunter Etherington – BIM Coordinator at Chandos, Event Director

Neil Kemp – Structural Technologist at Dialog,  Event Director

Sona Taylor – Partner Success Manager at Global eTraining,  Social Media Director

AJ Darras – Research Assistant & Structural Engineer and Computational Design with UofA Our Director

JD Sukkarieh – Automation Engineer and Founder of  ngen2 Our Director of AI

Brittany Mendiuk – BIM Technologist Our Standards Review Director

Edmonton Building Information Modelling Community