2013.05.19 – May 19th – 3D Energy – Jean Carriere, Michelle Ovelson


Autodesk 2014 – What’s New – Revit; Navisworks; Autodesk 360

Autodesk ReCap Studio/Photo – Point Clouds to the Next Level

3D Energy Ltd – Maximizing ROI in a Virtual Environment

6:00pm Maximizing ROI in a Virtual Environment

Maximizing a building’s return on investment (ROI) requires energy and cost optimization. The presentation will explore energy modeling, modularization and life-cycle costing early in the design. These strategies can provide efficiencies within the virtual design and construction process to generate project savings – and how those savings can be reinvested to deliver reduced life-cycle costs. The session will also touch on the role of Building Information Modeling (BIM), focusing on its advantages to deliver into lifecycle management software solutions.

construction costs

Jean Carriere is the Founder and Senior Energy Modeling Specialist for 3D Energy, based in Edmonton. For the past six years he has been pushing the boundaries of virtual design and construction and continues to explore new capabilities by integrating energy modeling in the design process. His background is in architectural technology and project management, he is now a Building Design Engineer focusing on energy optimization using a virtual environment. Jean’s portfolio includes energy modeling work for daylight and lighting analysis, natural ventilation simulations, and life-cycle cost profiles for energy conservation strategies.


7:00pm Autodesk 2014 – What’s New – Revit; Navisworks; Autodesk 360

There are plenty of valuable enhancements in the 2014 release. Michelle from Summit will demonstrate the most powerful improvements to the Revit 2014 platform. In addition a quick overview of the new features in Navisworks 2014 and Autodesk 360 services will be presented.


7:30pm Autodesk ReCap Studio/Photo – Point Clouds to the Next Level

Michelle from Summit will present the latest and most promising free product included in all the Design Suites and available for free download: Autodesk ReCap Studio. Autodesk ReCap Studio allows viewing, editing and manipulation of extremely large point cloud data files and provides a quick and effective file format that can be used in Autodesk products. ReCap Photo is a web-based service that helps generate point clouds from photographs, unleashing new workflows.

Point Cloud

7:45pm Open Discussion and Refreshments

Open session where users are encouraged to discuss technical issues and best practices when using Revit, Navisworks, and related Autodesk toolsets. Bring a question, start a discussion and the group will weigh in!