2016.03.16 – Revit + FormIt = Bye Bye SketchUp! – Carl Storms

Revit + FormIt = Bye Bye SketchUp! 

by  Carl Storms “TheBIMsider”  from Imaginit 

For years there has been a conceptual massing part of Revit that would allow designers to do many of the things they can do in SketchUp inside of Revit directly, but this has never really caught on and designer keep returning to SketchUp for ease of use.

Now with the help of FormIt you can take your project from conceptual design all the way to construction documents with these two connected products without having to leave the .RVT file format. You can begin the conceptual design in FormIt and once the design is settled continue the working drawings process inside Revit.

There is also the added benefit of being able to work on FormIt on your iPad or on any computer in a web based version, this allows for anytime anywhere design to happen. FormIt also has a feature that allows real time team collaboration on a design. This means the multiple members of a team can be simultaneously working on the same file from different locations, and different FormIt platforms.



Learning Objectives

·         Overview of what FormIt has to offer as a conceptual design tool

·         How to use FormIt as a team collaboration and design tool in real time

·         The process to move from FormIt into Revit

·         Put the FUN back in conceptual design

 Link to FormIt!