eBIMc Member Comments on CanBIM ACE(CAN) BIM Protocol v2 and Revit Protocol v1

The members that participated in the discussions are representatives in the Edmonton; Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical , Client, Construction and Sub-Trade whom are hands on users and management here in Edmonton that use BIM day to day with Revit, Navisworks, Glue, Tekla, and in IFC formats. These members are dedicated to producing quality work and working together. The discussions were lively and there was an exchange of what is important to all sides of the industry here in Edmonton.

  • Great documents that demonstrate an investment of time and energy in its delivery for the development of set of standards for the industry in Canada.
  • The ACE(CAN) BIM Protocol has numerous references to Revit, should not this document be generic and have all the Revit specific content removed?
  • The ACE(CAN) BIM Protocol and ACE(CAN) Revit Protocol have whole sections that are cut and paste of each other, was this intended to have the duplication and the specific Revit specific steps outlined in the BIM Protocol.
  • These read as a standard and in both documents there is line weights table¬†which is great for new firms starting out but too late for firms that have developed in house standards.
  • These are redundant to what we do, it is an ideal situation or scenario, but not all projects are going to be set up or run that way.
  • There is a need to see included workflows, process methods and team structure/communication along with guide of model exchanges in the various formats for the whole supply chain as fabrication is not always done with Revit but other formats.
  • These standards should not be dictating how existing firms set up file folder structure, that is a IT firm decision and varies from firm to firm.
  • The file naming convention is a good idea, but this should be based on the client and thus will change from project to project depending on client or project team and complexity. Thus this should be in the BIM Project Execution plan so that there is a set out naming convention not a National Standard for all projects.

These was a lot of positive discussion generated which those in attendance with an open mind were able to see that others have different needs and requirements from each other and we can work together. Thus thanks to the CanBIM Designers Team for their work in moving BIM forward in Canada.